Metrolink FAQ


Why is MetroLink an important issue for Na Fianna?

The emerging proposed route for the new MetroLink would directly impact Na Fianna. The plan currently proposes building a Metro station at the club’s premises on Mobhi Road, and also using the Mobhi Rd site as a depot and boring station.

What would this mean?

It would mean Na Fianna would lose pitch facilities at Mobhi Rd for the duration of the project. Access to the Clubhouse would also be severely curtailed. We estimate that the construction site would involve more than 100 movements of trucks in and out every day for years just to remove the material being dug out of the ground. In practice the disruption could last the guts of a decade.

So where would club activities take place??

We don’t know. At the moment Na Fianna uses 14 different local sites for its training and matches, as well as the handball alley at Mobhi Rd. The majority of these sites are not secure in the long term so there is no option for absorbing the loss of facilities at Mobhi road.

Has Na Fianna been offered compensation or alternative sites for this disruption?


Why was Mobhi Rd chosen as a site for a station and boring depot?

In previous iterations of the Metro plan for Dublin, the line has gone through Drumcondra. But in this latest proposed route the line goes through Whitworth instead, as the site at Whitworth links in with other rail networks. On this basis, Mobhi Rd was identified as a location for a station and boring. Na Fianna vice chairman Stephen Behan put together a presentation for members on the subject, you can see the slides here [].

What has the Club been doing? 

Since being told about the emerging preferred route just two days before it was publicly announced, Na Fianna has been working hard to gather together relevant expertise and to engage with the relevant authorities. We have set up working groups of volunteers who are kindly donating their skills and expertise in a range of areas such as law, communications and organisation.

We had a very well attended and successful information night for members at Saint Patrick’s College in Drumcondra, and we have been well represented in media and on social media expressing our concern about the proposed plans.

What can members do?

It is crucial that our thousands of members and others affected by the proposed route engage with public representatives. We encourage our members to write to politicians, local authorities, and the National Transport Authority. You can find examples of letters on the site here [] and lists of public representatives and contact details here [].



We are also encouraging our members to turn up in large numbers at public consultation events and to ask questions about what concerns them. In addition if you have skills or resources that you think can help Na Fianna we are very keen to hear from you

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