Chairman’s Update – Friday 23rd March 2018


Metrolink – Chairman’s Update

Friday 23rd March 2018

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it” – Henry Ford

After an extremely tough week, I am immensely proud of the response of our club and community to the Metrolink proposal. The outpouring of support, the messages of goodwill, and the solidarity shown by young and old, have been a ray of light at the end of a trying few days. On behalf of the Executive Committee, thank you one and all, you have no idea how much they meant to us, your actions and support continues to sustain us through this difficult time.

Please be advised that there are a number of unsolicited campaigns on social media and we believe a possible public meeting arranged by a political party without the approval of the club. At a time when we need to demonstrate strength in unity we ask all members to refrain from engagement with any unofficial campaigns or attending any public meeting arranged by third parties.

Now is a time for cool heads and a measured and coordinated response. Our actions should always be designed to achieve a positive result for all our community. To keep us all as informed as possible we would encourage all members to examine the proposals as outline by TII on

You can be assured that the club is diligently working on the matter and doing everything in our power, privately and publicly to address the issues. We are exploring every avenue available to us, and engaging with all stakeholders. Our response to this challenge will continue to be accurate, factual, informed and considered.

We are meeting with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) early next week. Following that, we will hold a Members’ Information evening next Thursday March 29th (venue to be confirmed.) At this meeting we will inform the membership of all information received so far from TII, the potential implications, and outline our plan of action. Due to the massive response yesterday, we anticipate a large crowd so we would appreciate if everyone intending to attend this meeting would register on the link below, so as to allow us arrange a larger venue if necessary.

As you are no doubt aware, we received substantial media coverage over the last 24 hours. We now wish to activate the membership in a united and positive way. We would like as many people as possible to register for the TII’s Public Engagement Session in the Helix for April 9th 2018, on the following link and when registering tick “Griffith Park” when asked to select stations of particular interest to you. This will help us to express our views as one. We would also encourage our members to keep the social media interaction moving over the weekend. We don’t need any negative engagement, just keep retweeting/sharing the official Na Fianna posts. Let’s keep the attention on the good that we do. Lastly, I would ask that everyone to direct any media enquiries to  as we wish to present a consistent response.

We are putting out the call to ask for those with any expertise in the following areas to please make themselves known to the email above but marked for our Vice- Chairman Stephen Behan. We need our best and brightest tackling this proposal.

  • Legal – particularly planning or conveyance law
  • PR/Media
  • Planning
  • Political
  • Financial

Lastly, Newstalk’s Off the Ball will be in Na Fianna in the morning to do a video piece on our Nursery. It would be great to have a full house and show everyone who we are and why we do what we do.

Ní Neart go cur le Chéile!

Beirmid Bua,

Cormac Ó Donnchú

Cathaoirleach CLG Na Fianna


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