Athletic Development

Athletic Development is simply an umbrella term used to describe the various movement skills and competencies that are so important in relation to the development of all GAA players. The activities in this resource  can be easily incorporated into any training session.

The majority of the activities involve the skills of the game while developing the athletic capacity and reducing the risk of future injury to the players.

Category : Squat Movement 

Squat Movement Videos

These activities are designed to develop correct squat technique.

  • Feet shoulder width apart, whole foot flat on ground
  • Upright posture, head up and facing forward
  • Sit right back into the movement, bend from the hips as opposed to the knee (knee should not go forward past the line of the toes)

Common Errors & Easy Cues to Fix

  • ‘Weight on heels’ if players are leaning forward or heels coming off the ground
  • ‘Thumbs under chin’ helps players to face forward and stay upright throughout. Instruct players to pick a point directly in front of them that they must look at throughout movement. Coach should also be able to read the writing on the front of the players jersey to ensure player remains as upright as possible throughout movement.
  • ‘Sit back into a chair’ or ‘Pretend you are laying an egg’

Category : Running & Jumping Technique

Running & Jumping Videos

These activities are designed to develop correct running and jumping technique. The following teaching points should be reinforced throughout all of the exercises in this category (NOTE: exception made for moving arms if in possession of ball/hurl)

  • Opposite arm moves with opposite leg
  • Lift knees to hip height (90 degree angle)
  • Eyes should be facing forward as much as possible as opposed to looking at feet

Category : Agility, Reaction & Footwork

Agility, Reaction & Footwork Videos

These activities are designed to develop players’ ability to react and change direction quickly as well as accelerate/decelerate properly whilst using correct footwork.

Category : Balance & Coordination

Balance & Coordination Videos

These activities are designed to improve players’ ability to control their body movements while also performing a number of movements/skills in correct sequence or at same time.

Category : Mobility & Stability

Mobility & Stability Videos

These activities are designed to help players achieve improved mobility (particularly through the hips and shoulders) using activities that are not simply based on traditional stretching exercises. Developing stability throughout increased ranges of motion is also extremely important in the

Category : Partner Activities

Partner Activity Videos

These activities incorporate a range of different body movements and sports skills. They are designed to improve players’ ability to work with each other (sometimes in competition, sometimes with shared goal) and often necessitating good communication and problem solving.

Category : Hamstring Development

Hamstring Development Videos

These activities are designed to improve the strength, mobility and capacity of the hamstrings. This in turn should improve playing performance and reduce the risk of developing hamstring

  • Only slight bend in the standing leg(s) required to ensure load is on the hamstrings (back
  • Players should lean forward from the hips and keep chest/back relatively straight

Category : Whole Body Games

Whole Body Games Videos

These activities are designed involve all of the players in the group in the same activity and typically requires the use of a number of skills/movements. Fun and engagement for entire group is one of the most important aspects here (many of these activities are ideal to use as a warm up).

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